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Прислано naahi 11-04-2019 16:58

Zentropy GUI:-

• A UCI chess engine GUI for Windows based on and developed from:

▪BerldChess: https://github.com/Bernton/BerldChess
▪ChessDotNet: https://github.com/ProgramFOX/Chess.NET
▪and the ChessEngineInterface .NET .dll assembly

4 move sounds (move, capture, check, and castle)
5 time controls: move + inc., fixed depth, fixed time, fixed nodes, and infinite
attractive chess piece sets w/ gradient shadow and adjustable scale factor
board squares can use colors or images, with opacity control
choice of 'sequential' or 'random' for opening book position selection
configurable best move and last move indicators
configurable draw and resign adjudication
configurable pause between games
dark mode
engine logo display (100 x 50)
engine vs. engine matches
FEN position copy/paste buttons
flip board control
full support for TT and Unicode chess fonts
fully customizable user interface, adjustable splitters, panel hide/unhide, etc.
live game move-by-move save to PGN file (suitable for web broadcast)
options (including engine config) can be changed 'on-the-fly' (during a game)
multiPV support
move arrow colors are calculated/graded from red to green according to eval score
opening book creation and usage (import PGN to FEN)
optional board border, square outlines, and coordinate display
optional extended move information for UI and PGN (engine eval + depth)
optional legal move display
real-time engine LOS (likelihood of superiority) calculation


Download Here