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Rybka 4 Aquarium:-


b]Rybka 4 Aquarium – revolutionary analysis and database tool, combined with the world’s strongest chess playing engine, Rybka 4.

Aquarium offers advanced analysis functions, game commenting, searching, powerful chess trees, playing, databases and much more.


[size=18]Powerful analysis tools[/size]

There’re two very powerful analysis methods – Infinite analysis and IDeA

Infinite Analysis is the oldest and the most common type of analysis, supported by many GUIs. It is enhanced with unique features, such as Infinite Analysis History. If you think you may have analyzed an interesting position two months ago, there is no need to guess. Just take a quick look at the Infinite Analysis History.

Analysis is stored in a chess tree which can be viewed in the tree window.
Multiple chess engines can be run simultaneously either in one window or in seperate windows.
Special threats analysis, multivariation mode, selected moves exlucsion, only tree moves analysis, etc.
The full information about infinite analysis is here.
IDeA (Interactive Deep Analysis) is a new, unique and powerful analysis method. IDeA examines a position and then follows the most important moves automatically to create a tree of variations. It just keeps on crawling the variations in an intelligent way, adding more analysis, and never stops until you tell it to.

Powerful interactive features allow you to influence the search.
Analysis can be focused on moves and variations that you consider important.
Overnight analysis produces hundreds or even thousands of analyzed positions.
IDeA stores the results in a chess tree on your hard disk.
Even if your computer crashes all your analysis will be there when you turn it on again.
Analysis can be stopped any time you like, and resumed later on.
IDeA uses the results of previous analysis, even if you start from a different position.
All the information about IDeA is here
Game Analysis and Find Blunders. Automatically analyze your games.

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