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Прислано naahi 13-05-2019 23:41

Hi, So many people here keep saying Zippyshare has been banned and asking for new links I thought I would post this useful tip.  

As of about 2 weeks ago Zippyshare has been completely disabled in the UK (and maybe other countries)  for upload and download as an anti-piracy measure.   There is a good solution to get around this which is a lot faster than using TOR or a full VPN (both of which will work by the way).  Cyberghost provide a free plug-in for Chrome and for Firefox web browser which will get round this problem.  I have installed the plug-in for Chrome and now zippyshare upload and download is working well at good speed. You get it the plug in from here - the links are right at the top of the page on the second line:


To make it even easier here are the direct links to the web browser add-on you need. Just click on the yellow "add to chrome" or "add to Firefox":



After install you have to enable it in your browser options - this is important as it may not be enabled by default.   It will add it in the top right corner the "ghost" symbol... click on it and choose a server to connect to then once connected to a server you can use zippyshare to upload and download no problem no problem

Редактировал Zunkor 14-05-2019 00:31