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Прислано Merkury 01-02-2021 12:42

Our services are becoming more interesting and more accessible. We offer for rent quite powerful servers with Stockfish and Lc0 engines. The prices can be found on this page of our website - https://www.super...g/--2-c8gk

A new server №20 Dual Xeon Platinum-8260 has been introduced into the project - 48 cores (96 threads) with the Stockfish engine, the speed in the initial position is 61000 k/Ns, using a neural network (NNUE) - 51000 k/Ns.
Server №15 has been upgraded from 24 cores (48 threads) to 40 cores (80 threads), speed at the initial position 52000 k/Ns, using a neural network (NNUE) - 45000 k/Ns.

Reduced prices for server rent with Stockfish engines!

We continue to sell ducats at discounted prices, you can purchase ducats with a 50% discount!