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Прислано AntiMaster 21-01-2011 23:19

Download: http://www.gladia...oad_id=174

Strongest book in Engine Room ever. I am holding with it 2700 on autogame with openformula 2nd day without break.

For getting it, pls, send your playchess.com Engine games played in this month, that is in January.

Don`t try send 100 games and etc. and ask pass. It is not seriously. For free you too will not get it. Send games - don`t be lazy аy

Прислано antangin 22-01-2011 09:18

ur mail? where i send games ?:)

Прислано AntiMaster 22-01-2011 09:28

No, site`s: mail@gladiators-chess.ru

Прислано antangin 22-01-2011 11:29

ok thks bro i send u soon :)

Прислано AntiMaster 22-01-2011 11:35

Not to me, send to site`s mail, by the way, what is your playchess`s nick?

Прислано antangin 22-01-2011 12:26

im send game s now to mail@gladiators-chess.ru give ur pass

Прислано AntiMaster 22-01-2011 12:33

AntiMaster написал:
what is your playchess`s nick?

Прислано antangin 22-01-2011 12:52

open my mail bro its all there my id on pcc im already send u games thank you

Прислано AntiMaster 22-01-2011 13:01

How i can open your mail if i don`t know pass? lol

Прислано antangin 22-01-2011 14:51

no im sorry bro i mean i already sent my games to ur mail :mail@gladiators-chess.ru and all my data is sent to there including my id on pcc.com pls look my bro in ur mail thanks



Прислано AntiMaster 22-01-2011 15:12

In mine?? I am not Main Admin this site, i have another mail, u sent to right address, but ... nothing in mail@gladiators-chess.ru


Прислано antangin 23-01-2011 10:41

i send again now:)

Прислано antangin 23-01-2011 10:56

pls chesk now sir

Прислано AntiMaster 23-01-2011 11:20

Answered, sir:)

Прислано AntiMaster 29-01-2011 23:21

Pass: AntiMaster will defeat you. Beware!