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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 30-06-2014 14:13

Latest News

Just I'd like to mention once more,
SCCT Book ChampionShip is going to be started very soon!

The current book tour is planning to be scheduled:
Opening Book Registrations: July 01-05 2014
Tournament Start Date : July 06 2014

Note also that,
I've received a few mails regarding the current book competition

And I am pleased to announce some famous authors:

Nikolay Bartenev (the author of super strong Hurricane book series) is planning to participate!
Note: Hurricane was the champion of SCCT V (16 minute game) and many times was at one of the top SCCT places

Eros Riccio (the author of Skipanda,which was 3rd in the previous tour) is planning to participate too!
Eros's books were always at one of the top SCCT places, a great talent in book making too!

Plus several mails more from different book makers...

Note also that Mr. Jatt promised to give a prize to:
- The Winner of this tournament (Playchess Serial No for 1 Year)

The next book tour (after this one) is planning to be on December 2014!

Don't miss the current event...

And I hope to see much more many book participants too

For More Details:

Best Wishes,