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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 06-07-2014 17:14

Latest News

SCCT Book ChampionShip II is still not started, due to several reasons...
But probably tomorrow I will start it!

Note that currently we have 26 registered book participants !

To be honest,
I expected to see more book registrations...
Perhaps the tournament start date is not very suitable...
Summertime, Holidays, the 2014 FIFA World Cup etc...

This number is quite ok for me, at least much less efforts I will spend... )!
Because I remember those days, when I received more than 100 registrations per tour))

But however without not mention this I can't,
The 26 book participants are real 'Gladiators', no fear to fight... !!
Actually all previous SCCT Book Authors are real Gladiators too !

Good luck to all,