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Прислано Sedat Canbaz 07-08-2012 22:08

Guido.M / Second League III-Final Standings:

First of all,
Many thanks to Guido,as always his work is just great !!

Yes...My Congratulations to Vasid Chouhan !!

I have no words to say exception:
We noticed once more the superiority of Don.ctg
Just i'd like to mention that Don book is the winner also of Testo Third League I
And several years ago, Don book was also the winner of SCCT VI Book Tournament

In other words,three times as winner of serious and very hard book competitions
Note also that Vasid Chouhan's book is qualified and started completely new from the Third league
And as we see (in a very short time) now Don book is qualified to play in SCCT Super League
That means a lot for me...really well done to Vasid !!!

Also my Congratulations to Mark Sabu and Tiago Alves !!
Its not so easy as it looks to be at second or third places in such very strong field !

And Welcome back to SCCT !

BIG Thanks to all players,who participated in the current exiting tour !
All of you have no any fear of loosing...you are in my heart like real Gladiators !!

Best Regards,