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Прислано adrianpaul 18-01-2013 23:20

I open this topic to bring to public attention a website (ficgs.com)that allows its members to use software when playing chess for money.Such something is unacceptable in my opinion, I think it's also against the law but above all it is against all rules of morality.
I have had many disputes with the admin who said that from his point of view and the other members there's no problem.He exemplified as major players such as Kasparov,Anand playing with soft.My reply was that greats players play with robot to learn not to play for money against other software.
It is well known that are the best softwares in the world, so it is also annually organizes chess tournaments for these machines.A,If you create a soft chess and then go to tournaments for chess engines compete, so it's ok.This proves that you are a programmer and an excellent chess player.You got a sharpness mind and you're a personality.But someone who download a chess engine fom the net and then going to fight with someoneelse who has his soft/or not (that may be the case when the opponent plays without software) then what merit has that person? Mind not using it at all, even is a cheater in the case his opponent play without software.Those who play on FICGS I think they are sick, however they are certainly mentally retarded.
They cannot because of laziness or stupidity, or personal gain reasons to use their brains instead uses robot.
When I told them they have insulted me saying even take pills for insanity.Therefore I opened this topic here and on other forums, to see other opinions.

And another thing that bothered me at that site it was a rule that proves the monstrous greed admin namely :
" When a player wins a tournament with an entry fee (not null) and prize, he can choose after the game(s) to keep E-Points (by default) instantly added in his FICGS account or, if he has E-Points enough in his account, a money prize. Entry fees and prizes in E-Points are published on the tournament page in "Waiting lists". If games in such a tournament have not been really played for a win, for example if a participant obviously lost quickly one or several games only to allow his opponent to get the money prize (and particularly if it happens several times), these tournaments will not be considered as win and the player showing this behaviour may lose his E-points involved in the tournament at the referee's discretion."
To summarize, I lost (playing without software) against an opponent who played with robot.And obviously robot won in a few moves.But,were left money in my account, only 7 euros, which I reclaimed. I mention,that the wasn't money from interest or profit, was just my money .
And I told this admin he is very rapacious and he block my account. :@ :@