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Прислано rst 10-07-2013 20:27

Hi All - I have just returned after several months and am pleased to see that Houdini 3.0 is out.
It's very costly.

This time for Houdini 3 the engine author has built in much stronger protection against illegal copies. It is not just a registration code and serial number, now you also have to provide your hard drive serial No and several other pieces of data, in order to obtain an activation code. This making it much harder to patch.and how to check that the version is working 100%

I would be grateful if Anyone could PM with the standard and pro versions of the 64 bit engines .I have AMD athlon 2 250(2 threads)@3.0GHZ CPU.
what things i should care of?
any other valuable advice

Many thanks

Прислано kosmodrom 10-07-2013 20:43

Hi, friend. Houdini 3 is inexpensive. Many visitors to the site was purchased. Recommend referring to Robert Gudart.